Replacement Parts for Marine Compressors

Player & Cornish Marine Ltd specialise in the supply of Pistons, Crankshafts, Cylinders, Coolers etc. for the following range of Marine Compressors

Marine Compressors

  • Hamworthy
  • Sperre
  • Tanabe 

Sperre – HL2/77, HL2/90, HL2/105, HL2/120, HL2/140, HL2/160, LL2/77, LL2/90, LL2/105, LL2/120, LL2/140, LL2/160, HLF2/77, HLH/119, HV2/200, HV2/210, HV2/219, HV2/220, HV2/240, HV2/270, HV2/285, HV2/300, HV1/85, HV1/120, HV1/140, HV1/156

Hamworthy – 2SF3 Series, 2SF4 Series, 2TF5 Series, 2TM6 Series, V105, V150, V200, V250, V375

Tanabe – H-63, H-64, H-264, H-73, H-273, H-373, H-74, H274, H374

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